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Painting Contractor Near West Hempstead

Top Signs It’s Time to Contact a West Hempstead, NY Interior Painter

Since 1995, Classic Home Renovations and Painting, a leading Nassau County painting contractor, has been transforming the homes of West Hempstead, NY homeowners. If you’re looking for a reputable house painter near West Hempstead that you can trust to deliver fast, affordable and exceptional results, look no further than Classic Home Renovators and Painting. As an Angie’s List Super Service Award winter and with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, when you choose our interior painter, you can have total peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive outstanding craftsmanship.

Signs It’s Time to Call a Reputable Nassau County Interior Painter

Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways… your home is full of walls and like most houses in the West Hempstead, NY area, the surfaces of those walls are probably painted, but how do you know when those walls need to be repainted? That’s a really good question! Take a look at the top signs that indicate it’s time to call a reputable Nassau County room painter.

The Paint is Peeling 

Take a look at the paint on your walls. Do you see any spots that are peeling? If so, then you’re definitely going to want to get in touch with an experienced room painter near West Hempstead. The paint in rooms that experience high humidity levels – bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, for example – are particularly prone to peeling. Other factors that can contribute to peeling include improperly prepping the wall before the paint was applied and using poor-quality paint, paintbrushes, or rollers.

Whatever the reason, if the paint is peeling in any of the rooms of your West Hempstead, NY home, they need to be repainted as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become. Over time, the wall itself can become damaged, which can cause a host of problems that will cost a pretty penny to repair.

The Walls are Damaged

Other than peeling, if you see any damage to the surface of the walls – holes, cracks, nail holes, scuff marks, etc. – you should consider having them repainted. Damaged walls are not only unattractive but if the damage is left unchecked, the structural integrity of the underlying wall can be compromised.

A reliable West Hempstead, NY interior painter will be able to make the necessary repairs, properly prep the surface and expertly apply a fresh coat of paint.

The Paint is Faded

If the existing paint on your interior walls is fading, you’ll want to look into having them painted. There are a few reasons why paint can fade. Excessive exposure to sunlight is the most common cause of fading. Failure to adequately prep the surface prior to applying the paint can also lead to fading; for example, if the wall wasn’t cleaned down or if additional coats of paint were applied before the previous coats dried, the paint is more likely to fade. Additionally, if the paint is poor-quality, it’s more likely to fade.

A professional painting contractor in Nassau County will properly prep the surface, use the appropriate techniques and apply premium-quality products to ensure that your walls will remain vibrant for years to come.

It’s Been More Than Seven Years

Experts recommend having your interior walls painted every five-to-seven years. Even inside your West Hempstead house, paint is exposed to various types of contaminants. Kitchen walls are exposed to grease, oil, food splatters, while bathroom walls are exposed to constant moisture, hairspray, powder and other types of beauty and grooming products. If someone smokes inside your home, painted walls will end up being coated with nicotine and smoke. On top of contaminants, paint naturally loses its luster and just becomes worn out over time.

If it’s been more than seven years since you last had your walls painted – or if you can’t remember the last time you had the interior of your home painted – you should get in touch with a pro to discuss having a fresh coat applied.

You Want a New Look

Even if the paint was recently applied and the walls aren’t damaged, if you aren’t satisfied with the color, you should certainly have them repainted. While you may have loved that bright yellow paint when you put it up just a year or two ago, now you may find it to be obtrusive. Or, if you recently moved into your Nassau County house and you aren’t fond of the colors the previous owners used, having the walls painted will put your own personal stamp on the space.

A reputable painter will offer an extensive color selection and will help you choose the right color, finish, and type of paint to suit your specific taste and enhance the look of the inside of your West Hempstead, NY home.

You Plan on Selling

Lastly, if you’re going to be putting your house up on the market, having it painted is strongly recommended. This is particularly true if the existing colors on your walls are really specific; for example, if they’re super bold or if the walls feature a finish that probably wouldn’t appeal to a lot of prospective buyers. However, even if your paint colors are neutral, putting on a new coat of paint will make your house looking fresh and clean.

Contact Classic Home Renovators and Painting for All Your Interior Painting Needs!

Whether your West Hempstead home’s paint is damaged, you don’t like the color, or you just want to freshen up the space, if you want to paint the interior of your West Hempstead, NY home, you’re going to want to call in an expert you can trust. Classic Home Renovators and Painting is a leading Nassau County interior painter. Our team of experts uses the highest quality paints and equipment and proven strategies to provide durable, long-lasting and simply beautiful results.

To schedule a free estimate or to discuss your project, call us today at 631-316-2223! We look forward to bringing new color into your life!

"Classic came in and painted a couple of rooms for us, they should rename the company "Picasso Painting" because they don't just paint your walls they turn them into works of art! No drips, no spots, and the mouldings look like they were dipped in gloss"

Jason Fachner

We Look Forward To Helping You Create Your Dream Home!