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    Cliff and team did a fantastic job on my home in rockvillle centre ny. They matched both existing paint and... read more

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  • I had my living room painted & crown molding installed. They were very neat, they covered all my furniture.... read more

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Painting Contractor Near East Williston

Classic Renovators: Nassau County’s Top-Rated House Painter

For more than 25 years, Classic Home Renovators and Painting has been a leading Nassau County painting and home renovation contractor. Our family-owned and operated company is committed to improving the homes of East Williston, NY residents by offering top-quality, reliable and affordable house painting and renovating services. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – and as recipients of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for two years in a row – when you choose us as your house painter, you can have total confidence knowing that you’ll receive exceptionally beautiful results.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Nassau County House Painter

If you’re thinking about painting an interior room (or several rooms) in your East Williston, NY home, you may be thinking about painting it yourself. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Painting is a pretty easy job?” In reality, though, it’s a lot more taxing than most people realize. 

Painting is a pretty tedious and time-consuming task that requires the right skills and a great deal of patience. Before you head out to a home improvement store in or around East Williston and stock up on gallons of paint, paintbrushes, drop cloths and painter’s tape, read on to find out some of the top reasons why you should consider hiring a reputable Nassau County interior painter instead of doing the job yourself.

Better Quality Results

Sure, you can watch dozens of how-to videos, but if you aren’t an experienced house or room painter, chances are you aren’t going to be able to achieve the results that you’re hoping for (no offense!) in your East Williston home.

Professional house painters in East Williston are properly trained, highly-skilled and know exactly what it takes to deliver high-quality results. They know how to properly prep the walls, protect the floors and furnishings and which types of paints to use for the space you want to have painted (did you know that there are specialized paints that you should use in your bathroom and kitchen?). Certain paints could be called for if your Nassau County home is near a body of water or there’s excessive moisture in the East Williston air. Nassau County painters will also know special techniques to achieve different looks. For example, if you’d like something more decorative than the standard paint job, a professional house painter will know exactly what type of methods to use to create the customized look you desire; stenciling, antiquing wood graining, rag rolling and color washing are just some of the different techniques that can be used to create a stunning and truly-one-of-a-kind look.

If you want the highest quality results, you’re definitely going to want to call in a professional Nassau County house painter.

Greater Efficiency

A professional house painter paints for a living in the Nassau County area. As such, a pro will have developed a system to get the job done as quickly, yet as efficiently, as possible. A reliable interior room painter will also be dedicated to working on your East Williston home project until it’s done – and if needed – they can bring in additional help and resources.

If you were to paint the room yourself, ringing phones, knocks on the door, kids calling your name, pets that need to be tended to and a million other things that demand your attention are bound to pull you away from the task. A project that seemed like it would only take a day to complete could end up taking an entire weekend to finish! If you want the least disruption and would like to get back to your regular routine as soon as possible, ditch the DIY approach and hire one of Classic’s East Williston professional interior painters instead.

The Proper Tools and Equipment

Believe it or not, painting a room – even a small one – requires a lot more equipment than you probably realize. Paint, paintbrushes, rollers, extension poles, paint trays, drop cloths, painters tape, ladders, spackle, sandpaper; those are just some of the tools you’ll need to properly paint a room. The larger the space, the more supplies you’ll need.

While you could stock up on these supplies at a East Williston home improvement store or even buy them from an online retailer, do you know exactly what type of products, tools and equipment you need? Do you know what brands are the best? An experienced painter will not only have access to all of the necessary supplies, but they’ll also use products from the best manufacturers.

The Work is Insured

A really reputable Nassau County house painter will be fully insured (make sure to confirm before hiring someone!) If any problems arise – a window breaks, paint spills all over your wood floors, or a house painting crewmember is injured on the job – you won’t get stuck having to foot the bill for any necessary medical care or repairs. The house painting contractor and their insurance carrier will cover these expenses instead.

If, however, you do the job yourself and any issues occur, you’ll have to cover the expenses yourself and those expenses can be quite exorbitant.

Cost Savings

Think painting yourself will cost you less than hiring a professional? Think again! Once you purchase all of the tools and supplies that you’ll need and then factor in any mishaps that might occur (spilling a can of paint on your carpet, splattering paint on your woodwork, etc.), in the long run, DIY house painting usually costs a lot more than hiring a professional. To avoid all of those exorbitant expenses, do yourself a favor and call in a reputable Nassau County painting contractor right from the start!

Contact Classic Home Renovators and Painting for All Your East Williston, NY House Painting Needs

Given all the benefits that an interior house and room painter provides, it’s pretty easy to see why hiring a pro is the best way to go. If you live in East Williston, NY and you’re looking to paint any room in your East Williston home, contact the experts at Classic Home Renovators and Painting. Since 1995, we have successfully transformed the interior of countless homes throughout Nassau County and would love to do the same for you. Our team of professionals will give you a fresh coat for a fresh start.

Visit our website or call 631-316-2223 to speak with a representative to discuss your project and request an estimate. At Classic Home Renovators and Painting, we look forward to bringing color into your life!

"Classic came in and painted a couple of rooms for us, they should rename the company "Picasso Painting" because they don't just paint your walls they turn them into works of art! No drips, no spots, and the mouldings look like they were dipped in gloss"

Jason Fachner

We Look Forward To Helping You Create Your Dream Home!