How much does it cost to stain a new oak window?




average cost to stain a new oak window is  The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $54.38

A typical Bay window 8 ft wide by 4-1/2 ft tall  costs $2175 to $2500

How do you stain a new oak window?

If you never stained anything or your uncomfortable doing this yourself call a professional that has experience Staining and varnishing a new oak window.

The right way to stain a new oak window starts with a light sanding with 80 grit sand paper. This opens the grain and removes any factor mill glaze.

After sanding, vacuum as much wood dust you can. Once the vacuuming is done wipe down the window with a terry towel. Next take a cotton rag and wrap it with a opened tack cloth. Wipe softly not to transfer any tack cloth resin to the wood surface. This removes dust left behind by the terry towel. Now your new oak window is ready to accept Stain. Before staining your new oak window try out a couple of stain colors on a piece of scrap Oak wood. Note Old Masters wiping stains area some of the easiest stains to work with. Once you selected a color you are happy with you can get started. Before you start here what you will need. 2" natural bristle Stain brush, 2 plastic quart mixing cup with a lid, a new empty metal paint can and lid, Stain, Varnish (I prefer Marine spar varnish), 2-1/2  inch natural bristle varnishing brush, 1-1/2 3m Blue sensitive tape, 80, 180, 220 grit sand paper, thiner, box of rags, ladder, gloves, dust mask. Before you start staining fill the new metal paint 3/4 with water. This for for used stain rags disposal. Don't skip this step because a stain soaked rag can spontaneously combust (start burning including flames, on its own). Next mask the walls around the window to keep stain from getting on the walls. Now your ready to start staining. Pour a small amount of stain into  a plastic qt mixing cup. Using your 2 inch natural Bristol brush start staining the left window frame; sections at a time, to minimize lap marks. After each window is stained wipe off excess stain with a cotton rag. then stain the top alcove ceiling section. You may have to wipe a section like 1/3 of the total before staining the entire top. Next follow the same step for the top for the sill. lastly stain the casing moldings. 3 coats of marine varnish will protect your investment for years. Sanding in-between coats with 22o grit sand paper will make it feel smooth like furniture.


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