Luxury Bathroom Remodeling In Nassau And Western Suffolk County

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Luxury Double Vanity Bathroom Remodel With A Bathtub
Luxury Interior Bathroom With Marble Accents

Craft Your Personal Oasis with Bathroom Remodeling In Nassau And Western Suffolk County

Elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary of serenity with carefully chosen enhancements. From soft lighting and soothing acoustics to luxurious rain showers, design each element to envelop you in a tranquil ambiance. 

Add the comfort of heated floors or a steam shower to take your relaxation to new heights. Choose amenities that align with your vision of the ultimate stress-free retreat, all within the comfort of your North Shore home.

Popular Upgrades For Bathroom Remodeling On The North Shore Of Long Island

Widespread Faucets

Place your hands beneath an elegant faucet that perfectly complements your bathroom's aesthetic. Elevate your entire experience.

Heated Floors

Imagine stepping out of your shower onto a floor that lovingly cradles your feet with warmth. Make every step feel like a treat.

Barn Doors

Picture effortlessly gliding open a stylish barn door that adds character and maximizes your bathroom space.


Envision a clutter-free bathroom where each toiletry has its designated, convenient spot, making your daily routine seamless.

Rain Showers

Feel the gentle cascade of a spa-like rain shower enveloping you. Transform every shower into a moment of pure bliss.

Undermount Sinks

Imagine the sleek contours of an undermount sink, adding an understated elegance to your bathroom.

Dual Flush Toilets

Experience the dual benefits of a toilet that's kind to the environment and your wallet, conserving water without compromising performance.

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Discover a Blissful Retreat: Bathroom Remodeling In Nassau And Western Suffolk County

Elevate the everyday by turning your bathroom into a haven of luxury and practicality. Blend timeless style with modern functionality. Your newly remodeled bathroom will be a personal retreat tailored to your unique aesthetic. 

From sumptuous soaker tubs to ingenious storage solutions, our team is at your service, helping you navigate the many design options and smart features. Let’s collaboratively bring your dream bathroom to life, crafting a space where you can truly unwind.

Our Bathroom Portfolio

Find Inspiration For Your Dream Bathroom

Single Vanity Bathroom Remodel
Custom Bathtub
Bathroom Vanity With double sinks
Darker Ambience Bathroom Renovation
Walk-In Shower
Bathroom Remodel With A Walk-In Shower

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Bathroom Remodeling Pricing

Fall In Love With Your New Bathroom

*Prices are averages and may vary depending on the size of your project and the materials used. The above pricing does not include appliances. You will get an exact quote for your unique project after the on-site consultation.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Calculator

It’s exciting to plan your budget for your bathroom remodel. Spending 5-10% of your North Shore home’s value is typical when remodeling your bathroom.

Factors that affect your cost include upgraded materials and services. Below are a few popular bathroom upgrades on the North Shore of Long Island:

Use our calculator to estimate what your bathroom remodel will cost. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Drag the sliders to adjust your values and estimate your bathroom remodeling cost


Deluxe job complexity includes: 5’×8' Bathroom With Custom Details, Tile Floor And Walls, Stand Up Enclosure With Standard Tile Pattern, Upgraded Niche Built On-Site, Vanity Counter Combo Unit, New Sink Fixtures, Lighting Accessories, Painting, Finish Work For The Space, Upgraded Panasonic Vent Fan In The Same Location, Glass Door Option. Typically Completed In 2-3 Weeks.


Your Rough Estimate Is:


Bathroom size in square feet
Quality of appliances, materials, and complexity
Your Rough Estimate Is

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Frequently Asked Questions For Bathroom Remodelers In Nassau And Western Suffolk County

How much does it cost for bathroom remodeling In Nassau And Western Suffolk County?

The cost to remodel your bathroom on the North Shore of Long Island can vary based on your specific needs and choices. However, here are some general pricing tiers:

  • The Standard package typically costs $26k–$32k.
  • The cost for the Deluxe package averages $38k–$45k.
  • The Premium package costs anywhere from $45k–$64k+.

These are average prices and may fluctuate depending on your project’s size and materials. After an on-site consultation, you’ll receive a tailored quote for your renovation.

The duration of your bathroom remodel on the North Shore of Long Island can vary depending on the package you choose:

  • We usually complete a bathroom remodel using the Standard package in 2 weeks.
  • The Deluxe package takes around 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • The Premium package usually takes 3-4+ weeks to finalize.

These timelines are approximations and can be adjusted based on your unique project’s specifications.

The priciest aspect of a bathroom renovation is altering the existing layout. Layout reconfigurations drive up the cost primarily because they require extensive labor for removing and disposing of old fixtures.

To enhance your North Shore home’s value through a bathroom remodel, upgrade the countertops, sink, and faucet fixtures. A dual-sink vanity can be a significant selling point, especially in the primary bathroom. 

For the best return on investment, consider investing in luxury countertops and contemporary sink and faucet styles.

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